Apocalypse Workshop Topics



              C O M P U T E R - G R A P H I C S  ,    A N I M A T I O N S    A N D     V I S U A L - F X
              by    C.  Schindelar 

Apocalypse Workshop Topics

In this workshop you will see a complete VFX workflow. We will start with Syntheyes to make a camera-tracking. With the tracking resaults we will bild a scene in Cinema4D and do some destructions using NitroBlast, Dpit-Effex and Pyrocluster. After multipass-export we than go on to compose the different passes in AfterEffects. There we also do a skyreplacement, add some fire and spetialeffects and create the final look with MagicBullet Looks. In this session you learn many tips n tricks about cameratracking, VFX and compositing.

Apokalypse 2023

Requirements: advanced C4D-skills
Duration: 1 day
Workshops only in german language


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