Mass Smoke Simulation



              C O M P U T E R - G R A P H I C S  ,    A N I M A T I O N S    A N D     V I S U A L - F X
              by    C.  Schindelar 

Mass Smoke Simulation

With the Dpit-Effex plugin you are able to simulate different partikelsystems including fire, smoke, water and simple particles direktly in Cinema4D. It has it's own shaders and is compatible with thinking-particles as well as the internal particelsystem of Cinema. Dpit-Effex allowes you to generate a wide range of full 3D effects. 

Masssmoke 01   Masssmoke 02   Masssmoke 03

Here I tried some mass-smoke-simulations using a Subgrid-system, that can generate detailed turbulaces while the rest is calculated in lower resolution.