Object Augarten Making Of



              C O M P U T E R - G R A P H I C S  ,    A N I M A T I O N S    A N D     V I S U A L - F X
              by    C.  Schindelar 

Object Augarten Making Of

This is an project which shows a building near the Augarten in vienna and how it will be renovate. The ornamentes are detailed. Some parts are sculpted, some have been taken out of antik-interior-content from evermotion. I rendered the whole scenes with octane. Only a bit of colorcorrection was nessesary, because of the realistic renderengine. There are two different types of roofes and another one will follow soon. For the night-renderings I used IES for the exterior-spots and area-lights for the interior-lights.

Fassade 08-1   Fassade 08-2   Fassade 08-4   Fassade 07 1

Fassade 07-5   Fassade 08-3