Prefabricated House Making Of



              C O M P U T E R - G R A P H I C S  ,    A N I M A T I O N S    A N D     V I S U A L - F X
              by    C.  Schindelar 

Prefabricated House Making Of

Usually I model houses like this one out of a cube for nice meshes with straight edges. Doing so, I avoid having trouble when I bevel the edges later. For the bevelling-process I used SolidChampfer which has a nondestructive deformer-object, allowing you to change radius and subdivision without altering the original version. With MoCloner I cloned the single roofing shingles on top of the house. The windows contain (Xpresso-)user-controllers which enabled me to easily open or tilt them.

house scr CS   1 Daemmerung   Haus Klein fin 01 Tag 2

In the front of the building I placed two completly 3D-generated trees, made with Dpit-Plants. To fill up the background I used cut-out-trees by VB-Trees. The grass was generated with Vray-Fast'n'Fur and I scattered some flowers into thescene with CarbonScatter to provide a friendlier look. I made different renderings using a physical sky and physical cameras at different times of day and night.

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