Product Graphics Making Of



              C O M P U T E R - G R A P H I C S  ,    A N I M A T I O N S    A N D     V I S U A L - F X
              by    C.  Schindelar 

Product Graphics Making Of

For this project I used C4D and Dpit-Effex. To force the water to splash against the can I  used a strong wind. The simulationgrid of Dpit had a fine resolution with about 400 gridcells for each side with a high particlecount. The can was defined as obstacle. I rendered the picture with Vray for C4D and run some colorcorrections in Photoshop.

Dose Depit-simulation   Dose-Dpit-black3 PS1   Dose-Dpit-black3b

Within the next project I experimented with different IORs and caustics. I used the same lable-design I made for the can-rendering.

Bottle Mesh   Cocktailglas und Flasche